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Authenticates a user with 2 seconds of natural speech while boasting a 99% authentication rate.  

Before we built our voice biometric ecosystem, we spent time learning about contact centers and the challenges they were faced with.  What we found was most of the call centers were struggling to achieve the same thing: improve their IVR/contact center's overall performance and efficiency, while enhancing the customer experience.

We've listed the common problems we uncovered as well as how V2verify addresses them below. 


P:  Increasing handle times

S:  Using V2 to identify users, significantly cuts down call times

P:  Managing security/fraud attempts

S:  Eliminating passwords, PINs, etc. closes the door on the #1 reason for data breaches - compromised credentials

P:  Increasing contact volumes

S:  Using V2verify to authenticate users dramatically improves the self-service options and reduces call times, which allows agents to handle more calls

P:  Increasing costs

S:  Improving self-service options and agent led call efficiencies will lower the overall cost per call

P:  High abandonment / low first contact resolution rate

S:  Many times interactions are unsuccessful or abandoned because the user cannot remember the credentials needed to authenticate themselves.  V2 takes this scenario out of the equation

P:  Not enough staff to handle the workload 

S:  V2's ​speed and accuracy to authenticate improves IVR success cutting down on the number of calls that go through to an agent

P:  Channel integrations – Omni-channel

S:  V2 can authenticate a user in any channel or customer touchpoint 

P:  Poor self-service options 

S:  By eliminating the need for passwords, passphrases, PIN, security questions, etc. self-service options are more successful and provide a better experience

P:​  No budget for additional staff or tech investments

S:  No Capex is required to implement V2 and conversely, V2 will actually reduce the average cost per call 

* One Amazon Gift Card Per Person, Per Company.  V2verify reserves the rights to discontinue the offer at any time.

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