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Q1'24 Data Breaches 

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First Quarter ~ 2024

March 2024

MAR 20

VF Group detected "unauthorised activities" on a part of its IT systems in December 2023, Vans say.
It says no detailed financial information or passwords were stolen.
But it added that "it cannot be excluded" that criminals could attempt to misuse the customer data they had obtained.
VF Group also owns other brands including Timberland, The North Face and Dickies. The BBC has asked the company if customers of those brands are also affected.
In an email to its customers, Vans says the data breach was first detected by VF Group on 13 December, and was "apparently carried out by external threat actors."
The company says it "immediately took steps" to deal with the threat, including shutting down affected IT systems and hiring cybersecurity experts. 

MAR 18

Multinational technology giant Fujitsu confirmed a cyberattack in a statement Friday, and warned that hackers may have stolen personal data and customer information.
Fujitsu said it disconnected the affected systems from its network, and is investigating how its network was compromised by malware and “whether information has been leaked.”
The tech conglomerate did not specify what kind of malware was used, or the nature of the cyberattack.

MAR 12

Roku said access to 15,363 streaming user accounts was obtained by “unauthorized individuals” who in some cases sought to purchase streaming subscriptions via the hack, the perpetrators of the data theft were seeking to sell the stolen account credentials “for as little as $0.50 per account, allowing purchasers to use stored credit cards to make illegal purchases.”

MAR 08

The Russia-sponsored APT group appears to have increased its activity in an attempt to leverage secrets gained from the Microsoft email breach discovered in January.  The Russian state-sponsored attackers who breached the corporate email accounts of several senior Microsoft employees and security team members in November have been using information stolen from those mailboxes to access internal systems. Some of the emails also included secrets that Microsoft exchanged with customers and which could potentially be used in further attacks, the company warns.

MAR 08

Northeast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in Nanuet, NY, has recently announced that it fell victim to a cyberattack that has affected 177,276 individuals and exposed the protected health information of 177,101 patients. Unusual activity was identified in its network on November 22, 2023. Third-party forensics specialists were engaged to assist with the investigation, and on December 22, 2023, confirmed that there had been unauthorized access to data on its network. The review of the affected files confirmed they contained names, Social Security numbers, driver’s license information, payment information, dates of birth, medical record information, health insurance information, and treatment and diagnosis information. Northeast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine has implemented additional safeguards to prevent similar incidents in the future and is reviewing its policies and procedures related to data protection.

MAR 08

Switzerland has confirmed that the Play ransomware gang had exposed 65,000 government documents, accounting for almost 5% of nearly 1.3 million leaked files stolen from its breach of Swiss technology and software solutions firm Xplain in May, BleepingComputer reports.
While data from the administrative units of Switzerland's Federal Office of Justice, Federal Office of Police, Federal Department of Justice and Police, State Secretariat for Migration, and internal IT service center accounted for about 95% of the exposed government files, minimal impact has been observed in the country's Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport, according to the Swiss government, which referenced a report conducted by the country's National Cyber Security Centre. On the other hand, nearly 5,000 files were discovered to contain personal information, classified data, account passwords, technical details, and other sensitive information, while a few hundred files were found to have details concerning IT systems and software.

MAR 07

Fidelity Investments Life Insurance Company is informing roughly 28,000 individuals that their personal information was compromised in a data breach at third-party services provider Infosys McCamish System (IMS).

The data breach, Fidelity says, was the result of a cyberattack on IMS’ systems, which occurred in October 2023 and led to unauthorized access to data that IMS was holding on behalf of its customers.

“The incident likely resulted in an unauthorized third-party obtaining information held by IMS regarding you and your policy,” Fidelity notes in the notification letter to the impacted individuals, a copy of which was submitted with the Maine Attorney General’s Office.

The affected information, Fidelity says, includes names, dates of birth, state of residence, Social Security numbers, bank account and routing numbers, and credit card numbers.

MAR 06

Taiwan’s ministry of national defense has confirmed that hackers stole sensitive information, including government and military documents, from Chunghwa Telecom Co. Ltd. and sold it on the dark web, Menafn reported citing Agence France-Presse. The hackers are reportedly selling 1.7 terabytes of data from the firm.

MAR 04

American Express is warning customers that credit cards were exposed in a third-party data breach after a merchant processor was hacked.

This incident was not caused by a data breach at American Express, but rather at a merchant processor in which American Express Card member data was processed. 

MAR 01

The privacy of patients at Lexington Medical Center (LMC) could be at risk after a data breach in the fall. Now, in a letter sent to patients, the hospital is admitting their personal information may have been exposed to hackers.
This started back on October 4, 2023, when a LMC spokesperson said an unauthorized party accessed the email account of one hospital employee.
After more investigation, several files in the employee’s email account and data drive contained billing–related documents and patients’ personal information, including social security numbers.
LMC said its investigation was unable to determine with any certainty that hackers accessed these files.

MAR 01

Kutchins, Robbins & Diamond, Ltd. (“KRD”) filed a notice of data breach with the Attorney General of Massachusetts after discovering that an employee’s email account was accessed by an unauthorized party. In this notice, KRD explains that the incident resulted in an unauthorized party being able to access consumers’ sensitive information, which includes their names, Social Security numbers and financial account information.

MAR 01

Millions of Facebook, Google, WhatsApp and TikTok users have had their account security compromised, after a text message routing company left one of its internal databases exposed and leaked supposedly private 2FA (two-factor authentication) codes into public view.
The massive bungle is virtually the same as a full on data breach and the buck stops with YX International, an Asia-based tech company that claims to process as many as five million SMS texts a day.
It also makes cellular networking equipment, but in this case its expertise appears to lie in leaving sensitive data in plain view online, without so much as a password protecting the one-time passcodes and password reset links that were discovered.

February 2024

FEB 29

Houser LLP, a U.S. law firm that specializes in serving high-profile financial institutions, said a system breach discovered in May 2023 exposed the personal data — possibly including sensitive information such as credit card numbers — of more than 325,000 people.
In a regulatory filing posted Wednesday by Maine’s attorney general, the company said certain files were encrypted during the incident and were “copied and taken from the network.”
The data included names “and one or more of Social Security number, driver’s license number, individual tax identification number, financial account information, and medical information,” Houser said.

FEB 27

Cencora Inc. disclosed on Tuesday a cybersecurity incident in which data, some of which may have contained personal information, was stolen from the drug distributor's information systems.
The unauthorized activity was detected on Feb. 21 and the company had taken immediate steps to contain it, Cencora said in a regulatory filing.
The company said it has also commenced an investigation with the assistance of law enforcement, cybersecurity experts and external counsel.

FEB 26

Almost 17 million LoanDepot customers had sensitive personal information, including Social Security numbers, stolen in a January ransomware attack, the company has confirmed.
The loan and mortgage giant company said that the stolen LoanDepot customer data includes names, dates of birth, email and postal addresses, financial account numbers, and phone numbers. The stolen data also includes Social Security numbers, which LoanDepot collected from customers.

FEB 23

Medical Management Resource Group, doing business as American Vision Partners, experienced a cybersecurity incident impacting patient data.
American Vision Partners detected unauthorized activity within its computer network on Nov. 14, according to a Feb. 6 news release. The company contained the incident by isolating affected systems and launched an investigation with third-party cybersecurity firms.
Information that may have been affected includes names, contact information, dates of birth, certain medical information, and in certain cases, Social Security numbers and insurance information.

FEB 23

Truck and trailer rental company U-Haul said on Friday that some customers in the U.S. and Canada were affected by a data breach in December.
An “unauthorized party” used “legitimate credentials” to access a system that U-Haul dealers use to track reservations and view customer records, the company said in a regulatory filing with the state of Maine.
The original posting did not include the number of affected persons, but a U-Haul spokesperson told Recorded Future News that the incident involved the data of about 67,000 in the U.S. and Canada.
The breached data included driver’s license numbers and other identification card numbers. The incident did not involve the company’s payment system, U-Haul said.

FEB 22

U.S. healthcare technology giant Change Healthcare has confirmed a cyberattack on its systems. In a brief statement, the company said it was 'experiencing a network interruption related to a cyber security issue.'

FEB 22

U.S. healthcare technology giant Change Healthcare has confirmed a cyberattack on its systems. In a brief statement, the company said it was 'experiencing a network interruption related to a cyber security issue.'

FEB 21

Internet service provider Tangerine has suffered a data breach, with the full names, dates of birth, email address and mobile phone numbers of more than 200,000 customers taken by hackers.

FEB 20

Around 13,000 Wyze security camera customers were able to see sensitive content from strangers’ devices Friday. As cameras were coming back online after a service outage, the customers saw thumbnails from other people’s feeds in their apps, and some clicked through to see videos. 

The Seattle-based company alerted customers about the “security incident” in an email Monday. It says the original hours-long outage was caused by Amazon Web Services. When the cameras came back online, the device IDs and user ID mapping were mixed up, leading to some people having access to data from the wrong accounts. The company said a separate third-party partner caused the problem, but that issue has already been fixed. 

FEB 17

Idaho National Laboratory has announced several lab employees have received suspicious letters at their homes in the wake of a November data breach.
The breach occurred within Oracle HCM, a federally approved vendor system that resides outside the lab and supports certain INL Human Resources applications, the lab’s website said. The stolen information affected many current and previous employees of Battelle Energy Alliance, the contractor that manages INL, and some Idaho Cleanup Project employees, the website said.

FEB 16

At least 12,000 people have been had their personal information disclosed by a former staff member of Te Whatu Ora.

FEB 16

The United States Government Accountability Office (GAO), the independent, nonpartisan government agency within the legislative branch that serves as a federal watchdog organization announced this week that it was alerted by an IT contractor of a cyber breach that occurred last month. CGI Federal notified the agency of the breach that may have affected about 6,000 current and former GAO employees.

FEB 15

Williamson County officials are warning about a “data security event” that affected the 277th District Court in November 2022.
In a press release Thursday, officials said the county became aware of “suspicious activity in its email environment” on Nov. 10, 2022.
An investigation found that an unauthorized actor gained access to an email account of a member of the 277th District Court sometime between Nov. 1 and Nov. 10, and “may have viewed or taken certain information contained therein.”

FEB 15

US Internet's email security business exposed thousands of its customers' emails on the open internet due to human error.
The gaffe was discovered by a Milwaukee computer security consultant and made public Wednesday by cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs. Minnetonka-based US Internet said Thursday the problem has been resolved, and it's assessing how much data may have been accessed.

FEB 14

The U.S. Department of Defense has begun informing current and former employees, partners, and job applicants regarding the potential exposure of their personally identifiable information stemming from a service provider's inadvertent leak of several emails between Feb. 3 and Feb. 20, 2023

FEB 14

Nearly 2.4 million patients of Oklahoma City-based Integris Health were caught up in a data breach where the alleged hackers sent extortion emails directly to some of them.
The health system reported Feb. 6 that it determined an "unauthorized party" had accessed or stolen patient data Nov. 28. Integris also said it learned Dec. 24 that a group claiming responsibility for the hack was reaching out to patients.    

FEB 14

Prudential Financial has disclosed that its network was breached last week, with the attackers stealing employee and contractor data before being blocked from compromised systems one day later.
This leading global financial services Fortune 500 company manages roughly $1.4 trillion in assets, and it provides insurance, retirement planning, as well as wealth and investment management services to over 50 million customers across the United States, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

FEB 13

An attack on a technology partner claimed by LockBit ransomware exposed sensitive information, including Social Security numbers, of more than 57,000 banking customers.
Bank of America has warned customers of a leak of their sensitive data that occurred due to a ransomware attack that breached the environment at technology partner Infosys McCamish Systems (IMS) last autumn. It's an incident that once again highlights the importance of securing access to data and environments across third-party systems.
At least 57,028 customers were affected in the breach, which occurred when "when an unauthorized third party accessed IMS systems, resulting in the non-availability of certain IMS applications," 

FEB 12

Nearly half the citizens of France have had their data
exposed in a massive security breach at two third-party healthcare payment servicers, the French data privacy watchdog disclosed last week.

Payments outfits Viamedis and Almerys both experienced breaches of their systems in late January, the National Commission on Informatics and Liberty (CNIL) revealed, leading to the theft of data belonging to more than 33 million customers. Affected data on customers and their families includes dates of birth, marital status, social security numbers and insurance information. No banking info, medical data or contact information was compromised, the CNIL added.


Connecticut College has brought in cybersecurity experts to investigate a data security incident that might have compromised files in the college's computer system, including social security numbers. The college first detected unauthorized activity over a year ago in March 2023, according to a release from today. Afterwards, officials notified law enforcement and began an investigation into what personal information was involved in the breach. Social security numbers, credit files and medical information may be involved in the breach. The college "has no evidence that any personal information has been or will be misused as a direct result of this incident," according to the release.


California’s largest state employee union fell victim to a ransomware attack last month that, according to a cybersecurity analyst, likely exposed Social Security numbers, home addresses, birth dates and other sensitive information.
The union, which represents close to 96,000 California state workers, first reported news of a “network disruption” on Jan. 20, two days after the breach occurred. At the time, SEIU Local 1000 told members that it was “currently assessing what was affected.”
Union spokesperson Jim O’Donnell confirmed Tuesday that authorities were investigating the incident but declined to identify which law enforcement agencies were involved. He also said investigators were still determining whether any personal data — employees’ or members’ — was compromised.


Azura Vascular Care, a Pennsylvania-based operator of 70 outpatient vascular centers and ambulatory surgery centers in 25 states and Puerto Rico, notified the HHS’ Office for Civil Rights last month about a cybersecurity incident involving the protected health information of 348,000 patients.


Verizon is notifying more than 63,000 people, mostly current employees, that an insider, accidentally or otherwise, had inappropriate access to their personal data.
At the heart of the drama: A Verizon employee apparently obtained a file that they shouldn't have had access to, containing personal information including: names, addresses, Social Security numbers or other national identifiers, gender, union affiliation (if applicable), dates of birth, and compensation informatio


Keenan & Associates, the third-party administrator of Prime Healthcare’s employee benefit health plan, has been involved in a cybersecurity incident. 
In late August 2023, Keenan discovered disruptions occurring on some of its network servers. Keenan immediately began an investigation and engaged leading third-party cybersecurity and forensic experts to assist. Upon detection, Keenan took prompt action to contain it. Keenan also notified law enforcement.


A GitHub token leak compromised Mercedes-Benz's source code, revealing critical internal information including intellectual property, passwords, and cloud access keys. The breach was traced back to a Mercedes-Benz employee's GitHub  token, found in a public repository on September 29. RedHunt Labs researchers determined that this token provided unrestricted access to the car manufacturer's internal GitHub Enterprise Server.
Sensitive data exposed in the leak included database connection strings, cloud access keys, blueprints, design documents, single sign-on (SSO) passwords, API keys, and other vital internal details


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is investigating a potential new breach after a threat actor put allegedly stolen data up for sale on a hacking forum, claiming it contains HPE credentials and other sensitive information.
The company has told BleepingComputer that they have not found any evidence of a security breach and no ransom has been requested, but it's investigating the threat actor's claims.


Canopy Children’s Solutions sent out data breach letters to anyone who was affected by the recent data security incident. Unfortunately, the publicly available Canopy Children’s Solutions data breach letter does not specifically mention what type of information was subject to unauthorized access. However, The personalized data breach letters sent to individual victims should provide victims with a list of what information belonging to them was compromised.


AnyDesk, a remote access software company based in Germany with 170,000 customers globally, including Comcast and Thales, has confirmed its production systems were compromised in a security incident.  The company had left customers sweating for three days after client logins failed and it notified them of unplanned maintenance. A changelog showed it invalidated a previous code signing certificate on January 29. Germany's BSI warned after the incident that "possible leakage of the source code and certificates poses a risk of that this information could be used for further attacks on the provider's customers."


Global orthopedic implant device and surgical instrument manufacturer Exactech had its computer network breached in April, resulting in the potential compromise of personal data belonging to 4,230 individuals across the U.S., reports Cybernews.

Information that could have been stolen in the data breach included individuals' names, usernames, email addresses, and passwords, as well as Social Security numbers and other government ID numbers, medical and health insurance details, and debit card or credit card data, although the types of exfiltrated data were different among victims, according to Exactech.



Last fall, Cloudflare announced it mitigated an attempted cyberattack stemming from the infamous Okta breach. But the cybersecurity vendor revealed on Thursday that this was not the case.

Cloudflare disclosed that it had been breached by an unnamed nation-state threat actor using an access token and three service account credentials that were stolen during the Okta breach in October. Cloudflare initially detected the attacker in its self-hosted Atlassian server on Thanksgiving Day and began investigating the breach, with later assistance from CrowdStrike.
According to the blog post, the threat actor accessed Cloudflare's internal wiki on Atlassian Confluence, its bug database on Atlassian Jira and its source code management system on Atlassian Bitbucket. Cloudflare said the operational impact of the breach was "extremely limited" and that no customer data or systems were impacted.


January 2024

Jan 24

Hewlett Packard Enterprise disclosed that its cloud email environment was compromised in 2023 by the threat actor tracked as Midnight Blizzard, a Russia-aligned hacker group also recently blamed for an attack that compromised senior Microsoft executives.
In a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Wednesday, HPE said it was “notified” on Dec. 12 about the incident, which began in May 2023 and impacted a “small percentage” of staff email accounts.

Jan 24

A file containing personal details of San Diego Police Department employees, including individuals' names and contact information, was made available on the department's website in early January, the department confirmed to NBC 7 Wednesday.

Jan 23

The supermassive leak contains data from numerous previous breaches, comprising an astounding 12 terabytes of information, spanning over a mind-boggling 26 billion records. The leak, which contains LinkedIn, Twitter, Weibo, Tencent, and other platforms’ user data, is almost certainly the largest ever discovered.
There are data leaks, and then there’s this. A supermassive Mother of all Breaches (MOAB for short) includes records from thousands of meticulously compiled and reindexed leaks, breaches, and privately sold databases. The full and searchable list is included at the end of this article.
Bob Dyachenko, cybersecurity researcher and owner at, together with the Cybernews team, has discovered billions upon billions of exposed records on an open instance.

Jan 22

LoanDepot, one of the largest US-based retail mortgage lenders, has confirmed that around 16.6 million of its customers have had their personal information stolen.
In a new filing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on January 22, LoanDepot gave further detail about the cyber incident that affected the firm’s computer systems on January 8.  The mortgage provider has previously described the incident as a ransomware attack.

Jan 19

Microsoft said on Friday that a Russian state-sponsored group hacked into its corporate systems on Jan. 12 and stole some emails and documents from staff accounts.
The company said the hackers used a "password spray attack" starting in Nov. 2023 to breach a Microsoft platform. Hackers use this technique to infiltrate a company's systems by using the same compromised password against multiple related accounts.

Jan 19

Vans sneaker maker VF Corp said on Thursday the cyber incident that hit the company in December led to a breach of personal data of about 35.5 million consumers.
The company said it has substantially restored the IT systems and data that were impacted by the cyber incident, while working through minor operational issues..

Jan 17

The Florida medical device company Electrostim Medical Services, Inc., which does business as EMSI, has recently confirmed that it suffered a cyberattack in May 2023 which involved access to parts of the network containing patient data. The Electrostim Medical Services data breach has recently been reported to the HHS’ Office for Civil Rights as affecting 542,990 patients.

Jan 17

A threat actor claims to have leaked sensitive data from the renowned Pastelería Mozart, a well-established bakery in Santiago de Chile since 1967. The Pastelería Mozart data breach, allegedly orchestrated by an entity known as Ynnian, has exposed a large amount of information, totaling 10,870,524 lines of data. The leaked details include names, email addresses, phone numbers, passwords, dates of birth, and more..

Jan 14

Labor has admitted it suffered Australia’s largest-ever government data breach, with key intelligence, defence and economic departments falling victim after millions of files were stolen from Australia’s largest commercial law firm.
After months of questioning, officials finally revealed late last year that 62 government departments including Australia Post, the Departments of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Treasury, Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Home Affairs, and the Tax Office, were all affected by the cyber attack on HWL Ebsworth.

Jan 12

Alabama-based law firm Burr & Forman announced that the company experienced a data breach affecting client information.
On October 23, 2023, Burr & Forman became aware of anomalous activity on one of the laptops in its network. The investigation indicated that an unauthorized actor gained access to certain documents and information from Burr & Forman's systems. On or about November 10, 2023, the investigation determined that some personal information was contained within the affected data.

Jan 12

A popular school safety application used by thousands of schools across the country -- including some in Mid-Missouri -- had thousands of documents accessed that contained sensitive information.

Cybersecurity researcher Jerimiah Fowler said he discovered a breach in Raptor Technologies on Dec. 20 and notified the company of the flaw. Raptor Technologies' smartphone application Raptor Alert is aimed at improving responses for schools and law enforcement during emergencies, such as school shootings.

Fowler said he discovered more than 4 million records that contained highly sensitive data. That data included school maps, student health records, safety drill reports and court records. Fowler's report claims documents in a cloud system were not protected with a password.

Raptor Technologies says it is used by 60,000 schools across the world including more than 5,300 schools in the United States.

Jan 10

Texas-based care provider HMG Healthcare has confirmed that hackers accessed the personal data of residents and employees, but says it has been unable to determine what types of data were stolen.
In a notice published on its website, HMG chief executive Derek Prince confirmed that hackers in August accessed a server storing “unencrypted files” containing sensitive information belonging to patients, employees, and their dependents. HMG said it learned of the breach months later in November.

Jan 9

Real estate services giant Fidelity National Financial has confirmed hackers stole data on 1.3 million of its customers during a November cyberattack that knocked the company offline for a week.
FNF said in a filing Tuesday with federal regulators: “We determined that an unauthorized third-party accessed certain FNF systems, deployed a type of malware that is not self-propagating, and exfiltrated certain data.” The company said it has “notified its affected customers and applicable state attorneys general and regulators, and approximately 1.3 million potentially impacted consumers.”
The filing did not say what specific customer data was stolen, but said FNF is providing credit monitoring and identity theft services to affected customers, suggesting that the stolen customer information was personal or sensitive in nature.

Jan 7

Loancare, a significant player in the national home mortgage servicing industry, has admitted to a massive data breach, compromising the personal identifiable information (PII) of over 1.3 million customers. The exposed data—a potential goldmine for cybercriminals—included names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and loan numbers.

Jan 5

Cooper Aerobics filed a notice of data breach with the Attorney General of California after discovering unauthorized access to its computer network. In this notice, Cooper Aerobics explains that the incident resulted in an unauthorized party being able to access consumers’ sensitive information, which includes their names, Social Security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, credit or debit card numbers and expiration dates, financial account information, driver’s license numbers, passport numbers, health information, and health insurance information. 

Jan 5

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, a law firm that specializes in cyberattacks, last week disclosed that more than 600,000 individuals were impacted by a data breach that happened in early 2023.
Between February 28 and March 13, 2023, the company said attackers had unauthorized access to a portion of its network, including a file share storing files related to Orrick’s clients.

Jan 3

One of Oklahoma's biggest healthcare providers is warning patients that their business partner Navvis had a data breach in July of 2023.

Jan 3

Printing solutions giant Xerox over the weekend confirmed that its US-based subsidiary Xerox Business Solutions experienced a data breach.
The incident, the company says, was limited to Xerox Business Solutions US and was contained by its cybersecurity team.
While the attack did not affect Xerox’s corporate systems and had no impact on the company’s operations or data, the investigation launched into the matter determined that personal information was compromised.

Jan 2

Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) in Boston, Massachusetts experienced a data breach in May 2023.
On May 23, 2023, BHCC detected irregular activity on certain BHCC systems that was consistent with a ransomware attack. BHCC took the affected systems offline, contacted law enforcement and conducted an investigation. BHCC's backups were not affected, and BHCC personnel were able to restore BHCC's network from those backups without any data loss.

Jan 2

Fallon Ambulance Service, a medical transportation company that served the greater Boston area, reported a data breach that impacted more than 911,000 individuals. Fallon was a subsidiary of Transformative Healthcare until December 2022, when it ceased operations.
Although the company was no longer providing services, it maintained a data storage archive to fulfill legal obligations. In April 2023, Fallon discovered that an unauthorized party had accessed the data storage archive from February to April and obtained files containing personal information.

Jan 1

Tesla has begun notifying current and former employees whose information was included in a confidential data Transformative Healthcare filed a notice of data breach with the Attorney General of Maine after discovering that an unauthorized party accessed stored data related to Fallon Ambulance Services, a former subsidiary of Transformative Healthcare. In this notice, Transformative Healthcare explains that the incident resulted in an unauthorized party being able to access consumers’ sensitive information, which includes their names, addresses, Social Security numbers, medical information and employment information.

Q4 2023

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Major database breaches are a regular occurrence, meaning it’s not a matter of if you’ll get hit, but when. The good news is that being proactive when this happens can help prevent the headaches that come from the breach. 

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