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Happy Hacker Season!?!

I'm not trying to go all 'Grinchy' on you, but regrettably, the holidays are a very worrisome time for businesses.

Businesses are under attack every day, but even more so during the holidays.

In 2021 we've seen a massive increase in ransomware attacks and a 500% increase in the average payoff amount (over $5 million).

Not only are there more hackers out there attacking you, but you've probably got less staff making sure you're protected in-house, as current staffing shortages have left half a million cybersecurity jobs unfilled in the U.S.

But, the most common cause for a security breach is not a failure in the firewalls or other network solutions your IT team institutes but Human Error.

You know what I'm going to say, PASSWORDS; they are stolen, hacked, phished; I can keep going... but I think we all know by now that they are the weakest link.

Even the United States House Oversight Committee indicated in a November 2021 presentation that "ransomware attackers took advantage of relatively minor security lapses, such as a single user account controlled by a weak password, to launch enormously costly attacks."

So how do you fix this?

One way to start is to remove passwords from the equation.

Wondering how this makes your security situation more secure?

If you remove passwords from your equation, you'll need to replace them with something more secure, less hackable, and easier to manage. The only solution that hits all those points is Voice Biometric Authentication.

Let's face it, COVID-19 has changed the world, and voice biometric authentication is the most beneficial password replacement solution.

  1. It's contactless, so there are no germs to consider.

  2. It doesn't require expensive equipment to put into use and maintain.

  3. It's an active noninvasive biometric, meaning no one can capture and use your voice in the future.

And V2verify's Voice authentication is the most simple & secure way to authenticate a user with voice.

Our AI-backed technology is impossible to fake, quick and easy; with the user authenticated with only 2 seconds of natural speech & all you need is a smartphone.

Make yourself a corporate New Year's resolution, add a voice biometric ID security solution to your quiver, & be more confident in your security in 2022.

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