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COVID-19 Assessment App

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V2pass is an innovative voice assessment app that determines your probability of infection of COVID-19 in SECONDS, even before symptoms start.

V2pass uses vocal biomarkers & AI biometric technology to quickly assess a person’s probability of being COVID-19 positive to reduce exposure risk while supporting more efficient PCR testing.

Is V2pass better than temperature screening?
 Temperature checks are lacking and should only be one part of a complete assessment. 

Testing data reveals that 80% of all infected patients are asymptomatic or exhibit mild symptoms and do NOT exhibit high temperatures.   Symptoms sometimes don't show up until 1-2 weeks after infection & high temperatures & other self-reported symptoms are easy to mask.

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Reduce Risk of Exposure

V2pass inserts transparent, proactive COVID-19 assessment into your office environment or event check-in process in an effort to reduce exposure risk to your community.

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         Markedly Lower
       Testing Costs

Using a person's vocal biomarkers and our AI technology, V2pass will identify and assess the person's probability of being COVID-19 positive in just a few seconds. Decreasing the number of PCR tests needed by 70%

How it works. . . 
It's a fast, efficient, and easy way to assess the probability of respiratory health conditions like COVID-19
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How can I use this App? 

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Performing the V2pass assessment is quick & easy; speak into your mobile device, and V2pass records your speech and analyzes your vocal biomarkers for assessment.

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V2pass completes your assessment and notates a 'Passed' or 'Needs more assessment' result and a QRcode.  You can use this data to display your results wherever needed for access or review past assessment results.

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Before starting your V2pass voice assessment, complete our simple health survey to notate any symptoms you may be currently experiencing.

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Need a White-label Version for your Office or Event? 
No Problem ~ Contact us today. 

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