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Contact Center Solutions

Prevent Identity Theft and Safeguard Accounts


Reduced Call Times Leads to  Significant Cost Savings

Provide a Better Customer Experience


V2verify Revolutionizes the Contact Center Experience

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Cross-channel hacking, which is when an actor assumes someone else’s identity and convinces an agent to provide account information, is a significant problem for all centers.  Using V2verify for authorization and authentication prevents hackers from taking over an account.

Fraud Mitigation


Cost-Effective IVRs

V2's authentication speed & success rate translates to a more effective IVR.  This leads to better security and significantly lower cost per call averages; all without any CapEx investment.

Customer Exp.jpeg

Customer Experience

Removing the need for passwords and knowledge-based questions eliminates friction from the authentication process, providing a much better customer experience.


V2's open-source API provides a simple fully customizable integration with existing systems, on-premise or in the cloud.   

Simple Integration

QA and compliance.jpeg

Quality & Compliance

V2verify can assure quality and compliance regulation requirements, such as HIPA, PCI or CPNI.  In addition, V2 provides an irrefutable audit trail which is particularly helpful in wage-theft claims.


Our solution provides improved​ IVR self-service containment. This creates tremendous cost savings by decreasing agent-focused call times significantly lowering the average cost per call

Lower Operating Costs

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