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Enterprise Solutions

Better Security for Networks & Sensitive Information

Increased Efficiency for BYOD Environments

Better Customer/Employee Experience

V2verify Biometric Platform Is Where Security and Convenience Converge

When it comes to authentication, secure access typically comes at the expense of the user experience. V2verify changes that paradigm by improving security while significantly improving the experience for customers.  

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Increased Security

Enterprises are turning to IAM to strengthen their security. As a result, organizations are spending more on IAM solutions then firewalls.  With V2verify's ability to securely authenticate users and manage privileged access, it's a natural fit for the enterprise space.

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Hybrid & BYOD Environments 

Cloud computing has enabled anytime, anywhere access to networks. As enterprises scramble to protect more elusive networks, they are often left to rely on passwords to prevent fraudulent access to information systems.  V2verify provides the security needed to protect these networks without the use of passwords.

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Better Experience

End-users can access their accounts anytime, anywhere by using their voice,  eliminating the need to remember passwords, pins, security questions, and personal information. 

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