"How can I offer better user security in a COVID-19 safe way without degrading the user experience or invading their privacy?"

A. Implementing V2verify.  Here's how.

Public Health Safety -  V2verify, works without a mask and doesn't require any physical contact on the part of the user. The fact the biometric is contactless protects the user from the potential to share germs.  

Security - V2verify uses natural speech to definitively authenticate a user.  Our recent POC with a major telco produced a 99.4% accuracy rate, with zero false accepts, while users were speaking different languages and wearing masks.

User experience - V2verify simply authenticates a user by their voice; eliminating the need to remember or carry anything with them. It works in every channel of a customer journey (Mobile app, Web app, Chat, in-person, or over the phone). V2 provides the convenience users are accustomed to.

Privacy - The speech V2 collects for authentication is saved in a manner that renders the information useless on its own and cannot be reverse-engineered. Therefore, the biometric data cannot be used to profile or track a user now or into the future.

Want to see how?

Additional Q&A


What if the user has a cold or is in a loud environment?


V2verify's voice biometric has a builtin AI that evolves the voice print as the user authenticates. This means the authentication process gets smarter, the more the user uses it. It can factor in when you're tired, winded, or sick. It also factors in environments you typically authenticate yourself in. i.e., your kids' soccer game, or while at the grocery store. Full disclosure, though, it doesn't work in all environments. i.e., a concert. Rule of thumb is that if you wouldn't be able to take a phone call due to background noise, voice biometrics will probably not work either.


Voice reproduction technology is continually evolving, what are the chances of a recording breaking in?


V2verify has a liveness component, which prevents the use of a recording. As a bonus, this feature serves as a builtin double factor authentication (2FA)


Is the technology hard to implement?


Integration with V2verify is a simple process. We can provide our technology through our app (v2branded or white-labeled), or we can integrate it into an IVR, an existing app (with an SDK), or other technology through an Open API. The system can be deployed on-premise, on any cloud platform, or a hybrid environment. The ecosystem also scales easily and can be used for many use-cases without needing to modify the underlying technology.


What is your customer onboarding process?


We can do customer onboarding as part of a live phone call, from existing recordings, or through a quick self-service process that is part of the app. For self-service onboarding, we capture the required speech and take the user through training exercises, so by the time they complete the enrollment, they are comfortable with the technology. 


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