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Dynamic Portal Case Study

V2verify Dynamic Portal

The “Google” of Transaction Data 


The Challenge
A top 50 international bank required a technology solution that would allow for a more in-depth analysis of its transactional banking data while better controlling data access and security.
The ability to securely and easily access their data transaction vault without special data-query level programming knowledge was imperative. To accomplish this meant upgrading their database GUI to supply a more elaborate data map to analyze their data effortlessly. 
It was also essential to regulate and secure access to the data. Therefore, the system implemented would need to include a robust user identification system to combat the more intricate security protocols brought about by their internal and remote work programs.

The Solution

The financial institution determined the best solution was V2verify's Dynamic Portal. V2's Dynamic Portal provides a robust data console that uniquely manages large quantities of data pulled from multiple databases.  It also provides individualized employee permissions with customizable security levels, all of which are protected by V2's patented speaker verification ecosystem (SVE).

V2's Dynamic Portal supplies a dedicated server platform that enables the bank's employees, corporate clients, and research/analytics teams to securely search, filter, map, export, and visualize multitudes of data without relying on in-house programmers.


The Results
V2's Dynamic Portal allowed bank employees and financial research/analytics teams to access all transactional and config data (for each POS's and ATMs) at individual user security levels through a single secure console.  The increased speed and easy access to information improved consumer/enterprise response times which resulted in research teams to finding and mitigating more potential fraud.
Introducing the Dynamic Portal was game-changing for the financial institution. By securing and monitoring dedicated servers and databases, improving the ease of data usage, and updating security protocols using 2-factor voice biometrics identification, this organization can finally enjoy the benefits of their transactional data without the concern over fraud risks and security threats.

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