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Biometrics Like You've Never Seen!

A Cutting-Edge Biometric with Unmatched Speed & Accuracy Led by a Patented AI.


Voice Biometrics 2.0

V2verify User Authentication and Identity Management Platform

V2verify is a speech and language-independent voice biometric and AI ecosystem that definitively authenticates a user with 2-seconds of natural speechV2verify's Speaker Verification Engine provides significantly better performance than any other voice biometric engines. Independent comparisons show V2verify's performance, in terms of Equal Error Rate (EER), as being an order of magnitude better than the leading technologies. 

 V2verify Biometric Ecosystem

  • Boasts a 99%+ success rate

  • Works across all channels & customer touch-points

  • Built-in Genetic Evolutionary AI

  • A liveness test for phishing-resistant MFA

  • Simple integration and scalability

  • No up-front CapEx required

  • Supports secure data exchange and endpoint management

  • Works on any server – on-premise or in the cloud

  • Works on any cloud provider – a single provider or a hybrid of many

  • Scales easily and handles most use-cases without needing to modify the underlying technology

Simple Integration

V2verify packages the SVE with an Application Programming Interface (API).  The packaged engine is available to corporate and application developers.  

Easy Onboarding Process

The V2verify onboarding process can be accomplished by either a self-onboard or a controlled onboarding process.  The onboarding process creates the user's digital WAV file and takes 45 seconds to complete.

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