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V2verify™ Crowned as a 
2022 NXTSTAGE FinTech Competition Winner! 

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Wichita, Kan. – Sept. 15, 2022 – Alongside Emprise Bank and Fidelity Bank, NXTUS, Inc.'s NXTSTAGE Financial Technology Pilot Competition announced two winners – upSWOT and V2Verify – during its Innovation Showcase Wednesday, at which eight finalists pitched their tech solutions to Kansas financial institutions
INTRUST Bank, the competition's third founding partner, reported they are exploring a collaboration with Omaha-based V2Verify, which replaces passwords, PINs and multi-factor-authentication by verifying someone's identity using two seconds of natural speech. "Stimulating and facilitating innovation is critical for community banks. We are pleased to see two companies back in the competition - they've made some great improvements since we saw them last," said Steve Castro-Miller, INTRUST Bank's Managing Director of Technology. "Innovations like those offered by V2Verify, BOSS Insights and the other finalists can help us thrive in the modern landscape of deeply engaging and serving customers digitally."
The competition attracted 94 competitors from 27 states and 13 countries, and NXTUS staff partnered with leaders from founding partners Emprise, Fidelity and INTRUST banks to curate this group of leading startups to host in Wichita.

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NXTUS Press Release
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2022 NXTSTAGE FinTech Competition
Image Credits: NXTUS, 2022

V2verify™ Selected as a finalist for the
2022 NXTSTAGE FinTech Competition

Omaha, NE --July 28th, 2022 -- V2verify, an industry-leading voice biometric company, was selected from a pool of 94 competitors hailing from 27 states and 13 countries as one of eight finalists for the 2022 NXTSTAGE FinTech Competition.  

NXTUS currently manages Accelerate Venture Partners, a fast-growing regional Angel investor syndicate, the NXTSTAGE Pilot Competitions, aimed at connecting startups to mature businesses and regional partners looking to become customers for their technologies, and NXTCONNECT and AVP Insights, free monthly education series presenting wisdom and resources for our entrepreneurs and investors.

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2022 NXTSTAGE FinTech Competition
Image Credits: NXTUS, 2022

DreamIT 219
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V2verify™ Selected to be part of Dreamit's 2019 Fall Cohort

Omaha, NE --October 21, 2019 -- V2verify, an industry-leading voice biometric company, was one of six companies selected from a pool of 500+ applicants to be part of Dreamit's 2019 Fall Cohort. The Dreamit Cohort is a powerful group of companies that are solving challenges in cyber and physical security.

Dreamit, a leading global accelerator, has accelerated more than 320 startups that collectively have gone on to raise more than $800 million and have a combined value of over $2 billion.


V2verify was chosen for Dreamit's SecureTech cohort because of the complex problem its voice biometric technology solves in the identity and access management space. Businesses struggle to secure and protect data without compromising the user's experience; V2verify brings a simple solution to a complex industry problem.
According to Bob Stasio, Managing Director of Dreamit SecureTech, "Dreamit Ventures accepts startups into our SecureTech Program that are building transformative solutions in cyber, physical, and fraud-based security. V2verify's voice biometric technology has the potential to disrupt the identity and access management space by combining speed, accuracy, and security."

Damian De Rozairo, co-founder and CEO of V2verify says, "We are honored to be a part of this elite program. We look forward to leveraging the Dreamit program and the vast experience of the Dreamit team to help scale our business."


About V2verify

V2verify, a voice biometrics company, provides a simple solution to a complex problem - user authentication and identity access management. With V2verify, simply SPEAK for 2 seconds on any device, AUTHENTICATE, V2 has a 99% authentication success rate, and ACCESS your information with a contact center, login to a website, a mobile app, a portal, open a locked door or even clock in or out of a time management system. V2verify is changing the way businesses are handling user authentication and identity and access management.

About Dreamit

Dreamit is an early-stage venture fund that accelerates startups building transformative tech products in the fields of healthcare, real estate, construction, cybersecurity, and physical security. Dreamit invests in startups with demonstrable traction that are looking to rapidly gain customers, initiate new partnerships, and to raise additional capital.

Photo Credits: DreamIt Ventures, 2019

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