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Technology Is Our PASSION...

Biometric-Driven IAM Is Our FOCUS!

"V2verify will replace passwords, PINs, and security questions; eliminating the risks associated with compromised credentials, while substantially improving the customer experience and operational efficiencies."

Why We Exist

V2verify’s Voice Biometric Security Platform answers the elusive question of “How do I offer better user security without degrading the customer experience?”


To truly solve the identity access management challenges, the solution needs to accurately authenticate a user across ALL customer touchpoints in EVERY channel a customer engages in.  This makes voice biometrics the only viable solution and V2verify the only viable voice biometric.


Our Technology

We own and maintain the entire technology stack for V2verify.  V2verify's technology is light years ahead of original voice biometric.  Not only can V2verify authenticate a user with 2 seconds of natural speech, but it also boasts a 99% authentication success rate with an industry-leading  EER, a built-in liveness test that prevents the use of recordings, wave files that cannot be reverse-engineered if hacked, and a built-in genetic evolutionary AI.

Our Pedigree

V2verify originates from a suite of products and services that have supported financial institutions, retailers, merchants, and third-party processors, around the world, for over 30 years.   Our successful track record of processing and securing financial data provided the foundation used to build V2verify, the next-gen voice biometric authentication and identity management platform.

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