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Is your financial institution genuinely customer-centric?

Banks think' they are being customer-centric, but after putting a considerable amount of effort and money into their attempts, they typically miss the boat.

To be truly customer-centric, banks need to evaluate their customers to understand who they are and what drives them.

A focus on customer experience builds trust and forms valuable long-term customer relationships; optimal relationships attuned to the customer's needs.

Recent industry studies show that data privacy is a customer's primary concern, and anxieties around data security are the leading reason consumers cease a relationship with a financial services provider.

In order to survive, banks MUST put customer experience at the forefront without diminishing focus on quality products and data privacy.

Innovation in banking is more important than ever, and financial institutions must use innovation as a foundation for updated business models to remain competitive and differentiate from the competition.

Voice biometric technology tops the list of the most reliable authentication technologies regarding strength and accuracy, and V2verify can benefit your business in many ways.

Better Experience End-users can access their accounts anytime, anywhere by using their voice, eliminating the need to remember passwords, pins, security questions, and personal information.
Improved Security Wire transfers, account and bank transfers, and mobile payments would be authenticated through the V2verify platform, ensuring that all parties involved are legitimate and protected.
Multi-factor Authentication MFA achieved simply in a single pass, without the risk of fatigue, all in less than 15 seconds.
Call Centers Enabling ID verification in seconds by analyzing a customer's unique voiceprints without leaving the IVR. Allowing agents spend less time with each caller, shortening average call times, saving significantly on overhead costs, and resulting in happier customers and a more efficient team.
Identity Access Management Building a framework controls user access to critical data and can regulate role-based user access to systems and networks.

All of these authentication components, contained in a Simple and Secure ecosystem, what could that mean to your business?

Or a better question may be, what will it mean to your business if you don't consider voice biometrics?

In Banking, innovation is the name of the game!

From the ATM to the Teller and on into E-banking, voice biometric technology is the safest & most secure way to confirm the ID of your customer.

You've found a technological approach that enhances customer experience without compromising security; why not find out more!



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