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Hackers Don't Take a Holiday

In fact, it's Hacker Season!

Companies and Consumers are both guilty of getting lax when it comes to their cybersecurity. Employees are taking time off, enjoying a few department holiday Zoom parties in the afternoons, or perhaps even doing a little holiday shopping from their desks. There's nothing wrong with letting your crew have a little fun during the holidays; they are stressful, and even more so in 2020.

Don't put a big red bow on your business. Letting down your guard, allowing people to do things at work they usually wouldn't, opens your business up to the Grinch and a higher risk of a data breach.

A few things to take into account this holiday season…

  1. Remind your employees that phishing emails and clone websites are more prevalent during the holiday season. Urge your employees to be vigilant about confirming an email or website is valid before clicking through to buy that Secret Santa gift.

  2. If your physical location is closed for an extended time over the holidays, be sure to have someone on your IT team to continue monitoring your systems. Hackers worldwide know what time of year it is and know that many offices will be closed during the holiday.

  3. If your business is typically slow over the holidays (or right after the holidays), consider putting together a company-wide employee password update project. Encouraging your staff to review all the passwords they use for corporate system access and have them update and strengthen them.

It's important not to be a Scrooge during the holiday, even about security. Let your employees know that they are the first line of defense against cybercriminals and implore them to be vigilant and help you keep data safe.

A little work during the holiday season can pay off big later if you've thwarted a cyberattack.

Still concerned about your companies data security? Make yourself a corporate New Year's resolution and add a voice biometric ID security solution to your quiver & be more confident in your security in 2021.

Let's collaborate! Visit us at to find out more about adding a voice biometric authentication to your solution.



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