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Healthcare Data Hacks: at Pandemic Levels

Six major data breaches have been reported in the news in the past week. Four out of those six are in the healthcare industry.

  • Baptist Health Systems - 1.2M records

  • Choice Health Insurance - 2.1M records

  • Flagstar Bank - 1.5M records

  • Eye Care Leaders - 1.3M records (more details below)

The healthcare industry is hacked three times more than the financial industry.

3X More!

It's estimated that the healthcare industry will spend a total of $125 Billion on cybersecurity between 2020 and 2025!
"Despite a decline in other sectors, healthcare has continued to remain a prime target (of) cyber-attacks." Jessica Davis,

Personal information is a very precious resource for cybercriminals, and our medical information is considered the most valuable of all. For this reason, the Healthcare industry is the #1 target for cybercriminals.

The only solution to truly protect your patients and protect your reputation is by authenticating the user by who they are, not what they know. When e-health records are concerned, ID security should be paramount. Guarding your systems with PINs and Passwords, even with Two Factor Authentication (2FA), is not enough. The healthcare industry needs to be proactive in cybersecurity and implement a zero-trust security platform to mitigate their threats effectively.

Luckily biometric ID technology is already used in many leading enterprise sectors.

But how secure are biometrics & aren't they difficult and expensive to integrate?

Fingerprints & Facial biometrics are readily accessible but are simple to fake and sometimes require physical contact. Iris and vascular scanners are secure but require very specialized & costly equipment. That leaves voice and voice biometric technology tops Forbes' list of the most reliable authentication technologies regarding strength and accuracy.


  • Patient ID

  • Physical Access (sensitive areas and substances)

  • Patient Record Digital Access and Security

  • Telehealth portal access

  • Fast, Touchless Check-in for Patients & Visitors


  • Improved Patient UX

  • The ability for the patient to control the release of their records - what & who, with minimal security risk, ensuring that both Patient & Dr access is secure.

  • No more PINs, Pswrds, or KYC

  • Using voice as a single sign-on

V2's technology offers a voice biometric solution that can definitively identify and authenticate anyone needing patient information access with just 2-seconds of speech, removing the need for PINs & passwords, all while increasing data security.

V2verify, The Path to a Data Secure World


  • Baptist Health Systems - 1.2M records of patient data compromised, including SSNs, caused by malicious code installed on their website.

  • Choice Health Insurance - 2.1M records of sensitive consumer data, leaked through a 3rd party vendor error

  • Flagstar Bank - 1.5M customer SSNs compromised; no further details have been released.

  • Eye Care Leaders - 1.3M patient data records caused by a ransomware attack.



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