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Marriott ~ Hacked Again!

Marriott's been hacked again for the 7th time in 12 years and the 2nd time in 2022.

According to a statement from Marriott, hackers acquired 20GB of data (including payment and reservation records containing customer credit card information) through the access of a Marriott associates terminal.

A spokesperson for the hacker group verified that the data was taken with the intent to extort them, which Marriott said did not pay.

A company's most targetable assets are its employee access accounts. If a hacker gets ahold of just one employee login, they can get access to enough of your infrastructure to easily wreak havoc.

Think you've got your employee credentials locked down?

Think again.

Weak, stolen, or reused passwords cause 81% of breaches; any one of your employees could end up being Patient Zero!

Cyber Extortion is relentlessness has reached crisis levels. A 2021 Statista study determined that 51% of attacks are associated with passwords and user authentication. Imagine you can cut your possibility of being a victim of Cyber Extortion by 50% by just IDing your employees better before giving them access to sensitive information.

V2verify has the solution of the future available NOW!

The V2 biometric authentication solution quickly, securely, and definitively IDs a person using only 2 seconds of natural speech. You don't have to worry about a compromised employee password.

V2verfiy can mitigate this risk by protecting everything you do in the IoT with our Voice Biometric authentication ecosystem!

Check us out and contact us today to learn how easy it is to add our voice biometric to your authentication solution and significantly reduce your vulnerability to ransomware attacks today!



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