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Only the First 31 Days of 2023!

2 Billion records affected in cybersecurity hacks just in the first 31 days of 2023.

Toyota, Deezer, Chick-fil-a, Norton Lifelock / Last Pass, Intuit / MailChimp, Nissan, T-Mobile, PayPal, GoTo & Twitter.

With all the recent massive data hacks in the news, and the experts expecting cybercriminals will steal 3 billion records in 2023 alone, it's understandable if we are a little terrified for our personal data security.

Data breaches can be formidable when they affect financial or other vulnerable data. But what do you do if you think your data may have been compromised?

The familiar opinion is that you update all your passwords, watch your accounts for fraudulent activity and add 2-factor authentication, but these steps don't solve the underlying problem.

Passwords are the primary reason for hacks in the first place.

It's becoming more and more evident that passwords have outlived their lifecycle and are no longer a secure way to protect your data.

It's totally time to Go Passwordless.

One way to remedy situations like this is to remove passwords from your equation entirely, but what can replace them?

Whatever it is, it needs to be more secure, less hackable, and easier to manage.

Enter Voice Biometric Authentication.

The theory behind voice biometric security is that it replaces something you KNOW - like a Password or PIN, with something you ARE, your voice.

A shift to biometric technology and away from hackable passwords make data breaches a thing of the past...

Even the big guys have been questioning the validity of passwords. Across all their platforms, they are working toward a 'Passwordless Future.'

At V2verify, we are determined to protect the world's data using your voice rather than the obsolete password, and it's super simple & very secure!

V2verify, The Path to a Data Secure World

Find out more about V2verify's Secure Password Replacement solution at



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