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Should Auld Acquaintance be Forgot

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind?

Sounds like passwords doesn't it! We always forget ours!

Looking for a New Year's Resolution for your business in 2021?

The only resolution worthy of your time is committing to healthy identity authentication practices; for you and your business.

You've heard it over and over. 'Don't reuse passwords,' 'Reset your passwords regularly,' yada yada yada...

But when this year's list of the 200 most common passwords came out, '123456' took the top slot once again. Is anyone listening?

Why should you care?

New technologies & cybersecurity strategies surround us, yet the data breaches keep happening. What's the one component that we're not talking about; the human element.

According to a Verizon study, 70% of employees reuse passwords at work, and a staggering 81% of hacking-related breaches used stolen or easily hacked passwords. These stats reveal that personal and workplace identities are converging and, in doing so, creating security hurdles for your business.

We're sure that you don't want to start 2021 off with a security breach!

So, what should you do to minimize identity-based data breaches?

There is no doubt that next year will be a different world. COVID-19 has changed our digital environment and made it more important to safely and securely authenticate your employees and customers and limit physical contact with things like keypads. New technology is needed to cover all the new deficiencies in the current solution.

New technology doesn't mean spending a considerable chunk of your cybersecurity budget on user authentication security controls.

Voice Biometric authentication is emerging as the top solution. It's contactless, so there are no germs to consider. It doesn't require expensive equipment to put into use and maintain. It's an active noninvasive biometric, meaning no one can capture and use your voice in the future. Add the improved security, operational efficiency, and enhanced user experience; voice-biometrics is a logical solution.

V2verify's Voice authentication is the most simple & secure way to authenticate a user. It's impossible to fake; it's quick and easy, with the user authenticated with only 2 seconds of natural speech & all you need is a smartphone.

V2verify, The Path to a Data Secure World

Find out more about V2verify's Voice Authentication solution at



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