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The Colonial Pipeline attack is just the tip of the iceberg.

Ransomware attacks are becoming almost a daily occurrence!

And this isn't just a simple cyber-attack, it's Cyber Extortion, and its relentlessness has reached crisis levels; research has shown that the number of ransomware attacks has increased by 400% since 2019!

And what do we hear from the experts?

'Catch them in the act!'

or even

'Do you have a recovery plan?'

WOW, that seems to be a little defeatist. Shouldn't they be telling us all to implement a plan to stop them in the first place?

A 2021 Statista study determined that 51% of ransomware attacks are associated with passwords and user authentication. That means any one of your employees could end up being Patient Zero!

Imagine you can cut your possibility of being a victim of a ransomware attack by 50% by just IDing your employees better before giving them access to sensitive information.

V2verify has the solution of the future available NOW!

The V2 biometric authentication solution quickly, securely, and definitively IDs a person using only 2 seconds of natural speech. You don't have to worry about a compromised employee password or their voice biometric being stolen and misused with this solution.

Check us out and contact us today to learn how easy it is to add our voice biometric to your authentication solution and significantly reduce your vulnerability to ransomware attacks today!

For more info on the Colonial Pipeline attack, give a listen to NPR's On Point (5/18/21), with Host Meghna Chakrabarti and guest Mark Montgomery, executive director of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission, a bipartisan, intergovernmental body. (@MarkCMontgomery)



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