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Why Biometrics?

Massive data breaches have compromised millions of user credentials & Biometric authentication is the answer!

At its core, the word Biometrics means any biological trait that, when measured, is used to identify a unique user. Biometrics are currently used to protect us from data theft and include fingerprints, face, iris, vascular & voice measurements.

You've probably used Biometrics every day for a couple of years by now, but it's become much more than a thumbprint or facial recognition on your phone.

The theory behind biometric security is that it replaces something you KNOW - like a Password or PIN, with something you ARE, your physical attributes. A shift to biometric technology and away from hackable passwords make data breaches a thing of the past.

As with all technologies, one has to end up on top! The best Biometric is a Voice Biometric!

As identity theft & data breaches become more prevalent, it's even more essential to identify you before accessing critical data.

Passwords are easy to steal or hack, so industries have started using biometrics to ID you.

A biometric can be a scan of a fingerprint, face, iris, veins, or even voice measurements. Fingerprints & facial scans are simple to fake, and iris & vascular scanners require very specialized equipment that is costly to install & maintain.

That leaves the Voice.

A Voice biometric is essentially your voiceprint.

Don't confuse the Voice Recognition you experience daily with Siri or Google Home with the uber-secure Voice Authentication. Voice recognition understands WHAT is being said,

while Voice Authentication knows WHO is saying it.

Voice authentication is V2verify's forte.

V2verify's Voice Authentication is the most simple & secure way to authenticate a user. It's impossible to fake; it's quick and easy; with the user authenticated in only 2 seconds & all you need is a smartphone.



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