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Why Should You Bother?

With big companies like Microsoft and Okta getting hacked this week, are you starting to think to yourself, 'really, with all their money and resources and they're still getting hacked, why should I bother?'

Cybersecurity is the principal technology concern of all businesses regardless of size. With breaches becoming more extensive and frequent for the major corporations, what chance do smaller companies have?

When the big guys get hacked, every news outlet will pick up the story, but what you don't hear about are the attacks on the smaller organizations. According to Advisorsmith, 42% of small businesses were hacked in the last 12 months & according to the US National Cyber Security Alliance, 83% have no formal cyber security plan.

In the recent past, we've grown to live with the accepted, basic security protocols; firewalls, antivirus, passwords, & two-factor authentication methods (2FA); traditional methods aren't secure enough anymore.

Criminals and hackers have learned how to easily outsmart all the standard methods, and today the new security inconvenience is multi-factor authentication (MFA).

MFA is based on the principle that authorization depends on three or more levels of authentication.

Examples of MFA would include:

  • A password (something you know).

  • A text to your mobile phone, an access card, or a dongle (something you have).

  • A biometric identifier (something you are).

Have you ever tried to log into your bank account but then had to wait for an email to show up, get distracted, finally see the email and your code is expired, only to have to go through the entire process again.

So Frustrating!

But all this 'extra' work on your part is necessary to keep the valuable data safe, and it is being adopted by governmental entities and industries worldwide.

How do you remove this epic level of frustration from your customers and your employees' lives?

Implement multi-factor in one pass with V2verify's biometric voice authentication.

V2verify has created a cutting-edge biometric with unmatched speed & accuracy led by a patented AI that allows our phishing-resistant MFA method to work with just one pass.

It's simple, easy, secure, and only takes about 2 seconds of normal speech to authenticate the user.

If you want to learn more about the most unobtrusive, phishing-resistant, MFA protection for your organization, let's chat about how voice biometrics can take your security to a whole new level.



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