HR & Staffing

Automate Your Processes and Reduce Human Errors

Eliminate Time-Theft

Improve Compliance and  Audit Trails 


V2verify Provides Transparency, Efficiency, and Cost Savings to HR Departments and Staffing Providers.

V2verify’s voice biometric time clock software solution authenticates the identity of employees, clocking them in and out with the ability to geotag the location as well as collect, record, and report data. Our mobile time clock software provides convenience for employees and a competitive edge for staffing companies.

The Time Clock Process with V2verify

1.  An employee arrives at or leaves the place of employment, clocking in or out with their voice on a mobile device

2. V2verify authenticates the employee’s identity, geotags their location, and records the time, sending the data to the staffing firm

If the employee does not clock in or out at their scheduled time V2verify will send a notification to the staffing firm, allowing them to rapidly take proactive measures.


V2verify makes clocking in/out a quick and secure process for employees while eliminating the time-consuming process of collecting and entering payroll data for the accounting department.

V2verify also helps eliminate errors in attendance calculations, provides insight into productivity issues, and can proactively send out notifications or alerts.


V2verify enables companies to regulate employee access to restricted areas as well as monitor and log the activity of employees who are permitted to gain access.


Time theft is an enormous problem for companies.  Using V2verify to authenticate an employee as they clock in/out eliminates the possibility of one employee punching in for another.  This results in tremendous cost savings and an uptick in employee productivity


Many staffing firms are reactive, only finding out about an employee’s absence after getting a call from an angry customer. With V2verify, staffers now have the ability to receive proactive alerts when an employee is absent or tardy, allowing them to proactively address the situation.