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WebEx Information and Instructions

Download / Install / Set Up


Once you login to WebEx, you'll be taken to  'V2verify LLC's Personal Room'.   On the middle-right side of the homepage to find our download link (light blue box), click this link to download the software on your system. Once the installation has completed, a system box will pop-up. From here you can Schedule, start or cast a meeting, as well as modify your user settings (gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the pop-up box)

Schedule / Start / Join

  • From the 'Personal Room,' you are able to 

  • Start a Meeting

  • Schedule a Meeting 

  • Join a Meeting and 

  • See a list of Upcoming Meetings


If you're looking to schedule a new meeting, this is the place to start.  You'll be able to set the meeting topic, password, date & time,  (including duration, time zone & recurrence), attendees, audio connections, agenda & advanced scheduling options. 

**Note:  Any meeting that you schedule in WebEx will be added to the company 'Upcoming Meetings' listing, and will be visible by all users with company access

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If you need to start a previously unscheduled meeting immediately, choose to Start a Meeting.   
In this workflow, you can choose the following options:

Audio & video connections, Content Sharing, Recording, Participants, Chat & more
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When looking to join a meeting, you should see the meeting listed in the 'Upcoming Meetings' section of the Personal Room.   To join any upcoming meetings, just click 'Join' inline with the video you'd like to join. If your meeting does not show up on your schedule you can enter your meeting number into the gray bar toward the top of the Personal Room page.

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