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Another Day, Another Phishing Attack

It's becoming increasingly apparent that we've not learned our lessons concerning phishing attacks.

2021 saw some of the most significant security breaches, including the Colonial Pipeline and SolarWinds hacks and the large Twilio, Cisco, & Uber phishing attacks in the first half of 2022.

APWG's Phishing Activity Trends Report, published in June 2022, "observed 1,097,811 total phishing attacks, a new record and the worst quarter for phishing that has ever observed."

The White House even released a cybersecurity executive order to address this growing threat. The White House began pushing all organizations to use what is called a 'phishing-resistant MFA.' As phishing attacks continue to grow, finding an MFA solution that is unphishable is increasing in importance.

We've talked about Zero Trust and MFA Fatigue before, but if you must achieve Zero Trust using a phishing-resistant MFA, how do you achieve it without the ever-present MFA Fatigue?

What is Phishing-Resistant MFA?

First, we must define what a phishing-resistant MFA actually is.

At its core, phish-resistant MFA is an unsusceptible authentication strategy that keeps hackers and bad actors from conning users to reveal credentials (i.e., passwords, security questions, and push notifications). Anything that 'someone knows,' like a password, or 'someone has,' like a text message, can be phished. On the other hand, things that 'someone is' like a biometric can not be phished.

Phishing-Resistant MFA Benefits

So the benefits of switching to a phish-resistant MFA are apparent, you can eliminate embarrassing credential-related security breaches, show auditors and regulators your commitment to access control, and reduce reliance on unmanageable and costly password policy administration.

It's essential to view your employee credentials as your weakest link; it may seem extreme, but it's completely vital for your company to understand this and build a cyberstrategy that completely protects your data.

How can a Phishing-Resistant MFA Eliminate MFA Fatigue?

The superior ID option for Zero Trust is voice biometric authentication. Voice biometric tech tops Forbes' list of the most reliable authentication technologies regarding strength and accuracy, and this technology is already in use in leading enterprise sectors.

V2verify has the solution of the future available NOW!

V2verfiy can mitigate this risk by protecting everything you do in the IoT with our Voice Biometric authentication ecosystem!

The best part of implementing V2's phishing-resistant voice biometric into your existing system(s) is that it is so simple; there is no additional hardware to buy since the customer or employee utilizes their own mobile device to perform the authentication process.

Remember, your digital environment is only as strong as the ID solution you implement.

Contact Us, and we'll help walk you through it.




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