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How to Foil Deep Fake

Well, I finally watched Netflix's RED NOTICE this last weekend, and to make sure I don't ruin the movie for you, this article will include a few spoilers.

Now I loved this movie, it had fun bits of Oceans 11 and Indiana Jones, but having biometrics in my blood, it saddened me a little.

My aggravation starts about an hour into the movie when FBI agent John Hartley (The Rock) and international art thief Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds) attend a masquerade ball at the home of Sotto Voce (a notorious arms dealer). They intend on breaking into his vault to steal one of Cleopatra's bejeweled eggs.

The multi-factor security on the vault seems legit, but as Booth explains to Hartly how they will hack it, it becomes evident that the vault's multi-factor security system is significantly lacking.

Ryan Reynolds from Netflix's Red Notice shows how deep fake can get past facial biometric security.

Their plan:

  • Find a wine glass with Voce's fingerprint.

  • Stealing Voce's mobile phone

  • Pulling the fingerprint off the wine glass

  • Open Voce's mobile phone with the stolen fingerprint and access the random passcode generator.

  • Open a deep fake app on an iPad to fake Voce's face and voice to pass the vaults facial recognition and voice authentication.

and just like that, our anti-heros had what they were after.

Yes, it would help if you had the magic of movies to get all of this to fall into place, but is this possible? Yeah ... But there is a way to remedy it & V2verify gets it!

I immediately said to myself, 'where's the liveness test?' A vault secured this heavily should have had a decent security system designer, but it looks like Voce cut some corners on his security processes. All they needed to thwart the movie's anti-heroes was to include technology that ensures the voice being used was a living person and not a deep fake recording.

V2verify's voice biometric authentication is the solution.

The V2verify solution has a random 'liveness detection' process & can detect if the person speaking is live or a recording. V2's technology prevents the use of a recording, irrespective of how high-quality a recording is. As a bonus, this feature serves as a built-in two-factor authentication (2FA) in just one pass.

This distinction makes V2verify significantly more secure than standard voice authentications, fingerprint & facial recognition.

Other Benefits

  • It's contactless, so there are no germs to consider.

  • It doesn't require expensive equipment to put into use and maintain.

  • It's an active noninvasive biometric, meaning no one can capture and use your voice in the future.

  • Add the improved security, operational efficiency, and enhanced user experience; voice-biometrics is a logical solution.

V2's Voice authentication is the most simple & secure way to authenticate a user.

It's impossible to fake; it's quick and easy; with the user authenticated with only 2 seconds of natural speech & all you need is a smartphone.

Contact us today to learn how V2verify is changing the world of user authentication and identity management.



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