Confirming Your Identity at the Speed of Voice

Say a couple of words and identify yourself to a contact center or agent, log-in to a website, a mobile app, a portal, or even log in or out of a time clock.

It's That Simple

Your Voice Truly is Your Password

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 Using Passwords in Your Identity Access Management Solution Doesn't Make Sense!

Passwords are no longer an effective means of securing identity and access, and any technology that incorporates them as part of the process has an enormous vulnerability.

Last year companies spent over $10B on IAM and an average of $50 per support call for password resets.  The end result was more hacks in the first 6 months than the previous year.

64% of customers feel inconvenienced by the current IAM process and 71% stated they don't trust the process.


Are You Offering Your Customers the Best User Experience Possible?

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