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Confirming Your Identity at the Speed of Voice

Say a couple of words and identify yourself to a contact center or agent, log-in to a website, a mobile app, a portal, or even log in or out of a time clock.

It's That Simple

Your Voice Truly is Your Password


Our original voice biometric technology was developed to support call centers. V2verify was created with NEXTGEN requirements in mind! Welcome to voice biometrics 2.0!

  • Definitively authenticates a user with 2 seconds of text-independent speech

  • Works across all channels and customer touch-points

  • Utilizes built-in Genetic Evolutionary AI

  • Contains built-in multifactor authentication

  • Offers simple integration and scalability

  • Requires no up-front CapEx

  • Supports secure data exchange and endpoint management


Are You Offering Your Customers the Best User Experience Possible?