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Fraud Reduction

Improved Automation & Reporting

Improved Customer Experience


Today's Customer Journey Merges Online, Mobile, and In-store Activity Creating an Omnichannel Ecosystem. V2verify Seamlessly Authenticates the Customer Along All of the Customer Touchpoints.

Today's retail landscape is a 24/7 cycle that includes brick & mortar, e-commerce, and m-commerce. This convenience has changed how customers discover and purchase goods and services.   Customers expect a simple, secure buying experience across every channel they interact in.  V2verify's Voice Biometric and Authentication Software authenticates consumers across every channel while protecting sensitive information and reducing fraudulent transactions. 

Fraud reduction

Fraud Reduction

 V2verify stops fraud by preventing, account takeovers, man-in-the-middle attacks, charge-back fraud, and securing card not present transactions.


Improved Experience

Customers expect a seamless experience across the e-commerce, m-commerce, and bricks and mortar retail landscape.   V2verify provides simple, secure authenticate across every channel and touch-point.

Improved Processes

Improved Processes

19% of shopping cart abandonment can be tied to consumers not remembering their username or password.  With V2verify, shoppers have the ability to simply and securely authenticate themselves by using their voice.  Anytime, anywhere.

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