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Healthcare Solutions

Improve the Patient Experience

Provide Better Security for  Sensitive Information

Improve the Compliance Process and Audit Trails

V2verify Helps Identify and Authenticate Patients While Safe Guarding Sensitive Information

As global healthcare shifts away from paper-based medical records and towards digital and electronic systems, it is more important than ever to protect sensitive patient information. V2verify takes this burden out of the hands of doctors, nurses, and administrative staff, and places the patient in complete control of their personal data.

Better Customer Experience

Better Experience

Eliminating the need for passwords and security questions provides security and convenience for patients, particularly those who struggle with memory issues and physical conditions.  Additionally, removing passwords from internal systems provides benefits to healthcare staff and employees, as they no longer need to keep track of passwords and security codes.

Network security

Improved Security

V2verify has the ability to encrypt medical records within a secure digital container, granting access only after an approved party has authenticated using voice biometrics. This allows patients to control who has the ability to access their files and data and to wipe the container clean if they feel their information has been compromised.


Patient fil

Audits & Compliance

V2verify improves the audit and compliance process by definitively identifying, authenticating, and tracking who has access to sensitive information, medical buildings and rooms containing pharmaceuticals, machinery, etc., and providing an irrefutable audit trail.

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