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Is a Voice Biometric flexible enough for your use case?

Biometrics have been in the news a lot lately, from Facebook moving forward with their smart glasses project to the EU's discussion of a biometric vaccine passport. With increased public acceptance & massive technology gains, more and more companies are integrating with biometric systems.

For many, when thinking of Biometrics, they think of Facial or Fingerprint first, as that is what their mobile phones are using every day. But the easier to integrate and cheaper option, voice, is even more robust than the current standards!

Are you wondering if a voice biometric is flexible enough to be used for your use case? ... Without needing to change the technology behind it?

Does your current solution use a PIN, Password, Key Fob, Card Reader, or Key Pad? Then V2verify's voice biometric can revolutionize the way companies like yours authenticate and manage their customers & employees.

  • Secure Mobile Application Sign-on

  • User Authentication

  • Remote Access to Corporate Networks

  • Workforce management and time tracking

  • Banking & ATM access

  • & even Physical Access

Now imagine that technology is flexible enough to be used for many use cases, easily integrated with your existing processes, on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid environment, without changing the technology that supports it.

Couple the above facts with voice biometrics being contactless, ensuring no passing of germs, and that no additional equipment is needed makes V2 voice biometrics an extremely cost-effective solution.

V2verify's voice biometric technology can accomplish all of this and more with enhanced security & user safety.

Think about it.

All of these authentication elements, enclosed in a Simple and Secure ecosystem, what could that mean to your business, or a better question may be, what will it mean to your business if you don't consider voice biometrics?

If you just thought 'Competitive Edge' or 'Game Changer,' you're right!

The final facts to consider touch on the heightened security level seen through this technology. V2's voice solution cannot be reverse-engineered, so even if the voiceprints were compromised, they would be useless to a hacker. Also, V2verify has a sophisticated liveness feature that ensures a recording of the voice cannot be used to authenticate. This distinction makes V2verify significantly more secure than Fingerprint & Facial Recognition.

Contact us today to learn how V2verify is changing the world of user authentication and identity management.



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