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Is it possible to be Fast, Frictionless, AND Secure?

Banking still happens face to face, but not as much as it did years ago, and in-person banking has dwindled since the pandemic. With these adjustments in the industry, banking is relying more heavily on PINs and passwords for account authentication.

That's the problem.

What's wrong with that, you ask, why not just use a PIN? Aside from being easy to forget, they get stolen, and a whopping 56% of fraud involves stolen credentials*. This authentication method is inconvenient and insecure and has led to a crisis in data security and inspired the global acceptance of biometric technologies across multiple industries.

So what's the option?

Using Voice Biometrics in banking for customer authentication not only increases data security for the bank but gives its customers a simple, secure, and user-friendly way to authenticate, thus delivering a consistent and superior user experience.

Imagine it, better security for your data, better overall customer experience, and lower costs to authenticate customers; it's all WIN for all involved, except the hacker.

Voice Biometric Technology is banking's greatest ally.

And it's reliable.

Voice Biometric technology is reliable, and customers are responsive; it's the perfect time for banks to introduce voice biometrics in their security protocol to combat fraud, enhance the customer experience, and improve their bottom line.

At V2verify, we take identity authentication as seriously as you do.

V2verify's voice biometric technology can accomplish all of this and more with enhanced security & user safety.

Think about it.

All of these authentication components, contained in a Simple and Secure ecosystem, what could that mean to your business? Or a better question may be, what will it mean to your business if you don't consider voice biometrics?

From the ATM to the Teller and on into E-banking, voice biometric authentication is the safest, most secure, and frictionless way to confirm the ID of your customer.

V2's technology is the most simple & secure way to authenticate a user. It's impossible to fake; it's quick and easy; with the user authenticated with only 2 seconds of natural speech & all you need is a smartphone.

Let's collaborate! Visit us at to find out more about adding a voice biometric authentication to your solution.

*Verizon 2018 data Breach Investigations report,



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