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October is Cybersecurity Month!

Cybersecurity Awareness Month was created in 2004 by the Department of Homeland Security and the industry-sponsored National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA) to heighten the awareness and importance of cybersecurity.

Should we be scared? Yes we should!

|All the big guys know that cybersecurity is paramount, yet they get regularly hacked!

Have you seen the note on your Chrome browser home page this month?

You could be seeing one of a couple of messages: "Get personalized tips to strengthen your account. Take a Security Checkup," or "October is Cybersecurity Month! Take a Security Checkup to strengthen your account."

Or perhaps you've seen the Microsoft article about empowering "your team to be cybersmart."

Even the Washington Post reports, "Lots of reporters and cyber pros are tired of hearing about [Cybersecurity Awareness Month] and think it's pointless at best."

And the jokes about Cybersecurity Awareness Month started in August, and there is no lack of hysterical memes about it!

But we cannot let this laissez-faire attitude about cybersecurity continue. Cyberattacks are increasing in volume and sophistication; there's no better time to discuss what an enterprise can do to inspire a corporate culture of security understanding and breach risk reduction.

With the average cost of a business data breach in 2021 over $4M, long gone are the days when it was ok to re-use your password repeatedly. The recent move to multi-factor authentication (MFA) also isn't the answer. Many MFA users are starting to report MFA Fatigue when a user is annoyed to the point of fatigue by the constant need to approve their phone sign-ins and enter MFA codes.

A zero-trust environment is the only real solution to protect your data, customers, and reputation.

V2verify has the answer of the future available NOW!

The V2 biometric authentication solution quickly, securely, and definitively IDs a person using only 2 seconds of natural speech without worrying about a compromised employee password, MFA fatigue, or phishing.

V2's technology authenticates the user using who they are, not what they know.

V2verfiy can mitigate this risk by protecting everything you do in the IoT with our Voice Biometric authentication ecosystem!

Check us out and contact us today to learn how easy it is to add our phishing-resistant MFA voice biometric to your authentication solution and significantly reduce your vulnerability to cyber security attacks today!



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