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Financial Services

A Better Customer Experience Leading to Higher Net Promoter Scores

Improved Security Preventing Data Breaches and Improving Customer Confidence

V2verify Helps Financial Service Companies End the Battle Between Data Security and The Customer's Experience

Business and consumer demand for a more secure and convenient way to transact have led to increased adoption of voice biometrics as an authentication, identity management, and data security tool, especially in trusted industries such as the financial sector. 

better customer experience

Better Experience

End-users can access their accounts anytime, anywhere by using their voice,  eliminating the need to remember passwords, pins, security questions, and personal information

Improved Security

Improved Security

Wire transfers, account, and bank transfers, and mobile payments would be authenticated through the V2verify platform, ensuring that all parties involved are legitimate and protected. 

enhanced digital payments

Enhanced Digital Payments

V2’s voice biometric will allow customers to complete their purchases more quickly and securely while minimizing cart abandonment and charge-back fraud. V2 will also help to authenticate the unbanked and underserved. 

know your customer

Supports KYC Requirements

As part of the KYC process, forms of identification, such as passports and birth certificates are required which has led to a rise in identity theft,  money laundering, and terrorist financing. Using V2verify to identify and authenticate customers, these activities are significantly reduced. 

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