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the Internet of Things

Cross-Channel Authentication

Rules-Based Identity Mangement

Ability to Authenticate Offline

Ready Or Not, Here Comes the Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT allows us to interact at faster speeds across any channel or device that we select at the time.  This convenience comes with a price; however, when every touch-point connects to the internet, security is only as strong as the weakest link!  

As enterprises figure out how to secure their users and their data, voice biometrics becomes the obvious choice. As a contact-less, active authentication solution, V2verify syncs up perfectly with the IoT basis of convenience and efficiency. 

Experts have been warning us for years that we aren't ready for the IoT, but that's not going to prevent the technology from coming. V2verify is ready.

device management

Authenticating Every Touchpoint

It is critical to authenticate and manage the identities of IoT devices that attempt to attach to a network or service.
The best way to secure the networks used for connected devices is to use V2verify for authentication and access control processes to ensure only authorized users can access networks, sensitive data, and secured areas. 

idendity management


Enterprises are turning to IAM to strengthen their security. As a result, organizations are spending more on IAM solutions then firewalls.  With V2verify's ability to securely authenticate users and manage privileged access, it's a natural fit for the IoT space.


Date Protection

Data Protection On/Off-line

Connected devices will be transmitting and storing sensitive information, and this data needs to be protected. Failing to protect this data could result in adverse business impacts and regulatory penalties.


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