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Can you Secure your Digital Environment AND Improve CX?

What do you think of when you hear Customer Experience (CX)?

Do you envision your experience purchasing something in a brick-and-mortar store or something more like online shopping and digital banking?

It's Both! & and it's more!

CX is defined as a customer's perceptions at every point of their buying journey, from marketing to sales to customer service and everywhere in between.

Simply said, it's the sum total of all interactions a customer has with your brand.

But did you know that the decisions that you make in regards to your IT security solutions affect CX? It's critical that companies pay attention to data security and form a security strategy that keeps CX in mind. Security and CX seem to be the quintessential odd couple, but it's the perfect relationship from a business perspective.

Improved CX leads to improved security, and Improved security leads to improved CX.

Combined, CX and security make a symbiotic environment.

Suppose you can demonstrate to your customers that you are serious about giving them a trouble-free, secure digital environment. If the customer finds this to be the case, the positive sentiment that your customers will feel will be the differentiator between you & your competitors.

But how do you design a security process that enhances your CX?

One Word ~ Simplicity

Simple Integration

in the past, highly fragmented security solutions were the norm. These disparate solutions did not quickly adapt to our world's ever-expanding security threats.

Consolidating your security solutions like authentication in one simple, streamlined solution

Voice biometric technology tops the list of the most reliable authentication technologies regarding strength, accuracy, and simplicity. Those who implement this tech quickly discover that it is not only the best & and quickest solution to verify a customer, but their customers favor its simplistic process.

V2's technology replaces passwords with voice for identity verification by analyzing a users' unique voiceprints in seconds, simplifying and improving the customer's experience resulting in happier customers.

V2's biometric solution definitively identifies & authenticates a customer, removing the need for passwords, PINs & knowledge-based questions, creating a frictionless authentication process.

V2verify's voice biometric technology can cut authentication costs, improve productivity, and dramatically improve customer experience.



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