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Our Mission Is to Protect the World's Data Through Simple, Secure Authentication

The Problem

Businesses struggle to secure and protect data without compromising the user's experience.  With the Internet of Things (IoT) and technology advances, preventing data breaches becomes more difficult every day.

The Solution

V2verify's biometric ecosystem makes it possible to increase security and reduce risks while improving the user experience and reducing costs.

V2verify ... 
Making the Impossible, Possible.

 V2verify Biometric Ecosystem

  • Authenticates a user with 2 seconds of text-independent speech

  • Boasts a 99%+ success rate

  • Works across all channels and customer touch-points

  • Utilizes built-in Genetic Evolutionary AI

  • Contains a liveness test for added security

  • Offers simple integration and scalability

  • Requires no up-front CapEx

  • Supports secure data exchange

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