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Voice Biometrics 101

Why Biometrics?

At its core, biometrics means any biological trait that, when measured, is used to identify a unique user. Biometrics are currently used to protect us from data theft and include fingerprints, face, iris, vascular & voice measurements.

You've probably used biometrics every day for a few years by now, but it's quickly become more than a thumbprint or facial recognition on your phone.

The theory behind biometric security is that it replaces something you KNOW - like a Password, with something you ARE, your physical attributes. A shift to biometric technology and away from hackable passwords make data breaches a thing of the past.

Why the best Biometric is a Voice Biometric!

As identity theft & data breaches become more prevalent, it's even more important to correctly identify a user before allowing access to essential data like a bank account or health care records.

Passwords are easy to steal or hack, so industries have started using biometrics, or a unique body measurement, to identify you.

A biometric can be a scan of your fingerprints, face, iris, veins, or even voice measurements. Fingerprints & facial scans are simpler to fake than you might imagine, and Iris & vascular scanners require very specialized equipment that is costly to install & maintain.

That leaves the Voice.

Is a voice biometric is flexible enough to be used for your use case? ... Without needing to change the technology behind it?

Does your current solution use a PIN, Password, Key Fob, Card Reader, or Key Pad? Then V2verify's voice biometric can revolutionize the way companies like yours authenticate and manage their customers & employees.

  • Secure Mobile Application Sign-on

  • User Authentication

  • Remote Access to Corporate Networks

  • Workforce management and time tracking

  • Banking & ATM access

  • & even Physical Access

Now imagine that technology is flexible enough to be used for any of these use cases, easily integrated with your existing processes, on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment, without changing the technology that supports it.

Voice Biometric Advantages

Your company will experience the benefits and advantages when transitioning to Voice Biometric security measures.

Improved Security

  • Whether you need to ID an employee for building access or a customer for a password reset, every person has a unique voiceprint. The V2verify voice biometric solution touts a 98.4% accuracy when IDing a user, even while wearing masks.

Better Customer & Employee Experience

  • A more commonly ignored advantage of voice biometric security solutions is that it can significantly enhance customer experiences. With voice biometrics, the user doesn't have to remember complicated PINs & passwords or disclose any personal information to be authenticated. Removing PINs and Passwords also makes voice biometrics ideal for numerous omnichannel and multichannel deployments. Other service benefits include the ability to ID someone over a landline or mobile device, making the process 100% touchless and safer for those with health concerns.

Saves You Money!

  • Research has found that the V2verify voice biometric solution saves customers millions of dollars by reducing the steps and, therefore, the time involved in the verification process; by as much as 60%. It does this by freeing up help desk & customer service agents' time spent verifying users and resetting passwords and enables login for digital channels, including chatbots and virtual assistants. The best part is that voice biometric integration into your existing system(s) is so simple; there is no additional hardware to buy since the customer or employee utilizes their mobile device to authenticate.

Couple the above facts with voice biometrics being contactless, ensuring no passing of germs, and that no additional equipment is needed makes V2 voice biometrics an extremely cost-effective solution.

V2verify's voice biometric technology can accomplish all this and more with enhanced security & user safety.

Think about it.

All these authentication elements are enclosed in a Simple and Secure ecosystem; what could that mean to your business, or a better question may be, what will it mean to your business if you don't consider voice biometrics?

If you just thought 'Competitive Edge' or 'Game Changer,' you're right!

The final facts to consider touch on the heightened security level seen through this technology. V2's voice solution cannot be reverse-engineered, so even if the voiceprints were compromised, they would be useless to a hacker. Also, V2verify has a sophisticated liveness feature that ensures a recording of the voice cannot be used to authenticate. This distinction makes V2verify significantly more secure than Fingerprint & Facial Recognition.

Contact us today to learn how V2verify is changing the user authentication and identity management world.



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